Virtual Intuitive Healing Sessions!

Yes you can have it all! The sessions below are simply examples of what is possible. You’re welcome to come with any intention you’d like, each session is naturally tailored to meet your needs and I would love to create a session that is especially for you! ?

The Restore Session.

The purpose of “The Restore Session” is to support you in recovering, realigning and rebalancing to a place of “Restoration” in the present moment. Life can change very quickly or so slowly that you don’t notice until one day you do. This can leave you feeling disjointed, wanting to go back to your past life, uncertain of where you are now and/or scared for the future. The Restore Session is designed to bring you compassion, patience and focus. This session supports your Body, Mind and Soul in realigning to the present moment and creating space for you to create your new way of life.

“Live, Love and Breathe ?” now.

Children 13 and under $55                                                                Book Now
1hr $125
1.5hrs $175

Pure Energy Bliss

Pure Energy Bliss is all about energy balancing, clearing and relaxation. There is a little less talk and more focus on simply tuning into the energy of your body, allowing what comes up to clear and balancing your chakra system leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and with a deep feeling of full being relaxation and peace.

Clear your Mind, Relax your Body, Nourish your Soul… with Love.?

Children 13 and under $55                                                                   
1hr $125                                                                                                  Book Now
1.5hrs $175


A combination of The Restore Session, Pure Energy Bliss and everything in between, this session is a gift to be opened! 

Honestly, all of the sessions I share are freestyle on a level, as it’s what your body-mind is showing me that guides the session. Come with an intention and we’ll allow it to unravel. Come with the intention of allowing whatever your body’s priority to heal is, is choosing to step into a very open and expansive space. It means allowing your thoughts to take a sabbatical and allow your heart and unconscious to be free!

Empower your body-mind and Love your Soul!

Children 13 and under $55                                                                  

1hr $125                                                                                                      Book Now

1.5hrs $175

We are open! Clinic and Virtual Sessions, Private Classes and Gift Certificates available.