Client Testimonials

Hayley has treated my arthritis and nerve pain issues for several years. She intuitively identifies problem areas, and chooses the best treatment from her extensive repertoire. Showing warmth and sensitivity, she has the unique ability to connect with mind and body. She is without a doubt the most accomplished therapist from whom I’ve received treatment.


I have to tell you that I felt great after that treatment. I was able to shoulder check much better and I just felt so light.


I am very pleased to be able to testify on Hayley’s expertise, not only in Reiki but also on her ability to bring about change in one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Curing a physical ailment is rarely possible in one session, but to ease an ailment and relax the mind and body goes a long way towards an eventual cure. Hayley possess the ability to bring about ease and relaxation through the magic of her hands and her incredible spiritual awareness.


Student Testimonials

Thank you beautiful Reiki teacher. I am grateful for the class and for your kind words as well as your leadership.


Just a note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! The course was amazing yesterday and I so thank you for sharing your heart and passion with the lucky students. You have changed my life once again and I am humbled to see another who shares her passion as you do so selflessly. I am in awe and feel so lucky to have been a part of yesterday’s powerful gifts. I really look forward to next week and will strive to make it to the practice session too. I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed, yesterday was one affirmation after another of the joyous gifts we all have. I can’t wait for level 2!
All love and have a great week


Shiatsu was introduced to me by Hayley 11 years ago. It is a wonderful treatment to receive, as it restores your body back to its proper balance. It is very relaxing and very rejuvenating. Throughout the years as Hayley evolved with new training and treatments, I was introduced to Reiki. I started Reiki treatments with Hayley and was so impressed with the treatments, when she offered to teach Level I, I signed up. That led to my completing Level II with Hayley. I’m looking forward to getting my masters! She is a wonderful teacher & fantastic practitioner, not to mention a great person. Highly recommend her services.


The Passion Test

Hi Hayley,
I can remember your smile so well. A very genuine being you are.
I trust you are well. I’m so happy to see you are still with InnerLife, my regards to you all there. Good memories even though it didn’t quite work out for me…didn’t
know at the time that my soul was on the move.
I just came across the Passion Test card from Feb 2012, 3 years ago, and I can honestly say, it’s all come through, it’s all true.
Life on Hornby is great. A warm community, solid work, respect for my practices,
time with the owls. ​
Sending you lots of love sweet woman.

xx E.D.

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the Passion Test with me! The greatest gift I received in our session was the realization of what really matters most to m!. It feels so good to be focusing on who is really most important to me and taking care of myself. Thankyou!


I did the Passion Test with you 4 years ago and when I reflect back it has all come true! …and not always how I had expected it too.